4 US college instructors stabbed in public park in China

Posted on June 11, 2024
by Yashmika Dukaran

Four US university tutors were stabbed in a public park in China's northern province of Jilin.

The incident occurred during a daytime visit to Beishan Park, where the Iowa Cornell College instructors were injured. One of the injured instructors is Iowa Representative Adam Zabner's brother, David. The attack happened while the group was visiting a local temple, and they were accompanied by a member of Beihua University. The injured were taken to the hospital, and none are in life-threatening condition. The assailant's custody status remains unclear, and further investigation is ongoing. Despite the incident, China assures that it is safe for foreigners and vows to uphold safety measures. The incident has received limited coverage in Chinese state media, and online discussions have been censored.

Amidst diplomatic tensions, China and the US have aimed to promote people-to-people exchanges, although US travel advisories have discouraged travel to China.