Pinetown businessman recounts gun attack

Posted on June 11, 2024
by Yashmika Dukaran

A Durban businessman who survived a gun attack near Pinetown has described the moment he came under fire while driving to work on the M13.

Thabiso Ngcobo, involved in the construction and transport sectors, recalls being followed by four cars with blue lights last month. They forced him to pull over and, wearing balaclavas, a heavily armed gang, whom he claims were police officers, approached his vehicle. "One of these guys comes to my window and bangs it with the back of a gun; he was holding a pistol at that point," Ngcobo said. "He then tries to open the door, but it is not opening, so he moves back and retrieves a rifle from the Golf 8." Ngcobo informed a commissioner of the incident and believes it may be related to a high-profile case involving construction mafias. Last year, intruders invaded his business premises, demanding control. "They produced something saying that they are now directing the business and running it," Ngcobo explained. Despite his efforts, they refused to leave until the police intervened and arrested them.

Police are investigating the incident as attempted murder, though the motive remains unclear.