Parties face pressing deadline in race to establish GNU

Posted on June 10, 2024
by Yashmika Dukaran

As the race to form a government continues, some political parties will report on their coalition talks on Monday. They have just over a week to establish a government following the announcement of election results last Sunday.

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) National Executive Committee will receive an update from its Coalition Task Team, while the Democratic Alliance (DA) Federal Executive is expected to brief the party’s Federal Council on its coalition talks with the African National Congress (ANC). The party’s national spokesperson, Solly Malatsi, says they should know their position later on Monday.

“The party’s Federal Council, which is the senior decision-making body of the DA between congresses, will convene on Monday. Among other things, it will be briefed by our negotiating team on the status of the negotiations between the ANC and other parties. There will then be a discussion by the Federal Council on those negotiations, and we will hopefully have an update to communicate following the conclusion of the Federal Council.”