MK's request for a parliamentary session "urges the court to violate the constitution."

Posted on June 12, 2024
by Yashmika Dukaran

A constitutional law scholar opines that the uMkhonto weSizwe party's bid to halt the first parliamentary session is unlikely to impact the election of a new president. "While legal challenges are underway, the electoral process clearly delineates that other proceedings, including the initial session, are not suspended."

On Monday, the MK party lodged an urgent application with the Constitutional Court to block Friday's inaugural session. The party alleges, without evidence, that the IEC manipulated the 2024 elections in favor of the ANC.

Pierre de Vos, a constitutional law expert, explains that court disputes concerning elections do not delay result announcements. "The constitution stipulates a session within 14 days. What the MK party seeks is essentially a contravention of the constitution by delaying the session beyond this period. Such an outcome seems improbable."