Another fuel price hike sparks outrage among motorists

Posted on April 2 2024
by Yashmika Dukaran

Motorists are infuriated by yet another fuel price surge set to be implemented on Wednesday.

According to the Energy Department, the price of 93 unleaded petrol will rise by 65 cents per litre, and 95 unleaded will increase by 67 cents. Diesel with higher sulphur content will experience a slight increase of just over three cents per litre, while low sulphur diesel will decrease by 1.78 cents.

The prices take effect from midnight on Tuesday next week.

The department says the wholesale price of illuminating paraffin will decline by 29 cents a litre.

The increases are attributed to a slew of factors including an increase in the slate levy, higher carbon fuel levy and rising international oil prices.

Here are the views of some motorists, “Just when we thought this country couldn’t get any worse, we are seeing another fuel increase. It is just getting really difficult because we live month to month and our salary doesn’t even cover the basic stuff we need and here we are. The upcoming fuel prices makes me so frustrated because water and electricity is already so high and now the fuel is also going up, like the cost of living is so high and I am frustrated and tired and sick of this.”