Road users are advised to stay alert while traveling during the Easter holiday

Posted on March 28 2024
by Yashmika Dukaran

Motorists are advised to exercise heightened caution on the nation's roads during the upcoming Easter long weekend, as traffic volumes are expected to surge.

In 2022, the Easter period witnessed just over 160 recorded road fatalities, a figure that escalated to 225 last year. Eleanor Mavimbela of the Automobile Association emphasizes the necessity for the government to explore proposals aimed at bolstering the number of traffic law officials by at least 50% and enhancing visible policing nationwide. She stresses the importance for drivers to adhere to safety measures such as maintaining appropriate speed, fastening seat belts, regularly checking rearview mirrors, and taking breaks when fatigued. Mavimbela underscores the inadequacy of past seasonal road safety campaigns implemented by the government, particularly during Easter, as fatalities continue to rise.

She asserts that the current interventions yield limited effectiveness in reducing fatality numbers and advocates for the adoption of a fresh approach.